O'Brien Wire Products of Texas, Inc. was founded in 1958 by William R. O’Brien, Sr. and his son Bill, Jr. who built and manufactured wire tie machines.

Over the years other products were added to the product line including Straight and Cut Wire, A-82 Bright Wire for Industrial and Construction use,  Steel Setter Coils, and accessories, Welded Wire Reinforcement, and Rokgard Mining Mesh,

The company has set new standards and found innovative hi-tech solutions for a broad spectrum of strategic industries, which demand dependability. All our products meet recognized quality standards and we are proud to be certified by the Texas Department of Transportation.

12800 Aldine-Westfield Road
Houston, Texas 77039

Phone: 713.667.6483   
Fax: 713.667.3335


O’BRIEN WIRE PRODUCTS OF TEXAS, INC.    |    12800 ALDINE-WESTFIELD RD  HOUSTON, TEXAS 77039    |    T: (800) 662-6483