cast in place concrete construction

Committed to Partnerships, Sustainability and Customer Satisfaction

O’Brien Wire Products was founded in 1958 by William R. O’Brien and his son Bill Jr. who built and manufactured wire tie machines.


Today, O’Brien Products is part of the The Cape Gate Group, a family-owned company, which has always valued its self-reliance as a vertically integrated manufacturer of weld wire mesh for industrial and construction projects.  Cape Gate has, through full integration, grown from a small wire netting manufacturing company in 1962 to a major producer of steel, wire, and wire products with its own source of raw materials.


O’Brien Wire Products has successfully transitioned from a leader in the mining welded wire market place to the structural steel and reinforced concrete market place (Precast and Cast In Place).


With state-of-the-art welded wire mesh welders and support equipment, O’Brien Wire Products is well positioned to supply variable lengths and widths to meet all welded wire mesh specifications and applications.


All of our products meet recognized quality standards and we are proud to be certified by the Texas Department of Transportation and NTPEP (National Transportation Product Evaluation Program).


O’Brien Wire Products is committed to partnerships, sustainability and 100% customer satisfaction. We have a saying, “Our Plant Is Your Plant”!