Welded Wire Construction Applications Save Time and Schedule

Engineered Welded Wire for Concrete Building Applications

The use of welded wire in building construction has enormous impact on building construction.  Architecture has evolved outside the straight lines and fixed curves that stresses on materials have dictated in the past.  

Welded wire structures are constructed and the concrete is poured over and around.  The result is a stronger structure more resilient to natures forces.





Concrete Reinforcement Reduces Labor and Accelerates Budget

Using welded wire mesh for concrete reinforcement offers numerous benefits in terms of labor and cost savings. When compared to traditional reinforcement methods, such as using steel bars, welded wire mesh can be installed with less labor. 

Moreover, it reduces the overall time needed for installation. This will eventually help you to reduce construction time as well as labor expenses. It ensures that you can go for a more cost-effective and efficient project. 

Five Common Uses of Welded Wire Reinforcement for Concrete

  1. Highways : Welded wire mesh for highways can provide many benefits that fall into the lines of length of usable service, material, labor cost savings and public safety.
  2. Bridges:  Concrete bridges should last for many decades. With the help of wire mesh, it is possible to enhance the overall durability of a concrete bridge.
  3. Box Culverts: Engineered Welded Wire Mesh will improve their strength, durability, and longevity, while also offering cost and time savings during the construction process.
  4. Building Products: Welded wire mesh is an ideal solution for overall building assembly.
  5. Soil Erosion: Don't let steep slopes hold you back. Contact us today to learn more about our wire mesh confinement system and how it can help you achieve a stable, reliable solution for your next project.