Custom Manufactured Welded Wire Mesh

Providing Custom Engineered Welded Wire

In concrete construction use of welded wire mesh provides structural integrity relative to stress loads.  Our facility is built to meet those needs.  As our customer, you have control over your order. Variety and customization are key when you need just the right material for the job.  If you have questions about capability or sizing of welds feel free to reach out by phone. 


We excel at providing custom manufactured welded wire mesh specified to your exact requirements.

welded wire panels production
manufacture welded wire mesh

Top 3 Things to Know When Ordering Welded Wire Mesh

  1. Wire Spacing – Welded wire mesh can be manufactured in square or rectangular spaced grids defined by either a clear opening or as a  center to center wire spacing (“ Mesh").  Depending on your intended application; spacing can be variable or consistent throughout the welded wire mesh panel.
  2. Wire Diameter – Most welded wire mesh specifications are produced using round cross section wire.  Your specification should provide diameter of the wire in decimals of an inch or millimeters.  
  3. Panel Sizes and Edge Conditions – Welded wire mesh panels can be ordered to a custom size and shape using a width and length dimension that is preferred.  Trimmed or Untrimmed edge conditions are always an option as well.
  4. Welded wire sheets have the width range of 3ft to 12ft and length range up to 52ft.


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