Engineered Welded Wire Structural Mesh

Engineered Wire Mesh

How Engineered Welded Wire Structural Mesh Helps Your Project

Welded wire structural mesh SOLVES THE PROBLEM of constructing reinforcement grids manually.  Managing grid tie spacing can be labor intensive. 

Engineered welded wire structural mesh is considered superior for cast in place, highways, bridges, box culverts, buildings, soil erosion, deck panels and variety of other concrete construction projects. When panels are delivered to the job site with grids welded in place using a precise process; you will have perfectly set grid dimensions.  

Welded wire panels are delivered and put into place on the project site.  The mesh creates a durable and rigid structure, capable of providing support and reinforcement to concrete structures.  Panels are specified to prevent damage and cracking from heavy loads, seismic activity, and  other environmental factors.

Your welded wire grid specification delivered on site in sync with your construction schedules. Equals faster construction, stronger structures, which results in cost savings and schedule maintenance.

Why Get Engineered Welded Wire Structural Mesh?

There are several reasons to choose Engineered Welded Wire Structural Mesh for your construction projects. 

First, it provides excellent reinforcement and support to concrete structures.  The durability of welded wire mesh helps to increase longevity and reduce stress fracturing. This is a valuable factor in the bidding process of many large-scale projects. 

Second, welded wire mesh is easy to work with and can be quickly installed, reducing labor costs and project timelines. It is also a cost-effective option compared to other reinforcement strategies.

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How to Get Engineered Welded Wire Structural Mesh?

Our Team can assist you with getting engineered welded wire structural mesh. Here are the steps to follow.

  1.  Contact us (Click on the Black Button Above)
    As the first step, you need to get in touch with us and let us know about your needs to get welded wire structural mesh. 
  2. Define the Specification Needed
    Depending on your needs, we will provide you with all available mesh options to consider. They include welded wire structural mesh in different strengths and sizes to cater to your specific project needs. Our Team will work with you to assure the correct specification and amounts of material needed for your project.
  3.  Delivery Schedule
    Once your order is confirmed for the type of welded wire structural mesh you want, we place your project into our manufacturing schedule according to your delivery needs.