Concrete Wire Mesh for Highway and Barrier Construction

Getting the Right Wire Mesh for Highway Construction

Welded Wire mesh is the right decision whether you need to repair upper layers of an existing road or building a new road.  Welded Wire Reinforcement will cut down on the pavement deformation and is particularly helpful on soft ground. It offers additional support and reinforcement to concrete. Highways are continuously exposed to high traffic volumes, harsh environmental conditions, and heavy loads. As a result, concrete can crack and deteriorate along with time. With the use of welded wire mesh, it is possible to overcome potential issues. Done properly It will extend the overall lifespan of the road; with significant reduction in labor and material.

How is welded wire mesh used in concrete highways? 

Wire mesh is usually installed within the lower half of the concrete slab. It helps to distribute the load, while reinforcing concrete. That’s how welded wire mesh can prevent concrete from cracking and even breaking under pressure. This durability makes it possible to reduce costly maintenance and repairs.

WWR Concrete for Highway Bridge
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Welded Wire Reinforced Concrete Highways Have Many Benefits.

Welded wire mesh for highways can provide many benefits that fall into the lines of length of usable service, material, labor cost savings and public safety.

Properly engineered welded wire mesh is made out of high-yield steel that can be more robust than rebar.  It is the Green Choice since you project will use 27% less steel.  Properly engineered wire mesh will even resist rust and corrosion.

Employee labor will continue to be a significant factor to the profit and loss of your  projects.  Using welded wire reinforcement your project will require up to 20% less time than with rebar.  With efficiency in installation workers can beat changing weather, keep lane closures short, and cut down on traffic congestion.  Worksite accidents are minimized with less exposure and ease of installation. 

Public safety is improved with a resilient surface that can weather natural disasters including earthquakes.

Welded wire mesh for highways can come in a variety of jointed reinforced concrete pavement or continuously reinforced pavement. The mesh comes in a large sheet, which can be as much as 12 feet wide and 50 feet long with variable spacing.

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Wire Mesh for Concrete Barriers

How is welded wire mesh used within concrete barriers? 

Wire mesh used for concrete barriers is manufactured using high-tensile steel wires. These wires are woven to create a grid-like pattern. This pattern will distribute the stresses of impact upon a collision in an even manner throughout the barrier. As a result, it can help to avoid structural failure. Wire mesh reinforces concrete by properly holding it together. This can provide protection to concrete from breaking or cracking under pressure.

Getting the right wire mesh for concrete barriers

Getting the welded wire mesh that you need for concrete barriers is available, due to our collection of green rod inventory and the ability to convert welded wire mesh within short lead times.   Understanding the application and loads you want to manage will define the different gauges and sizes required to create your solution. In general, concrete construction using wire mesh are heavy duty, and offer a minimum yield strength of around 80,000 PSI. This strength can withstand significant pressure and impact without deforming or breaking. 

Wire mesh is a cost-effective method available to reinforce concrete barriers. When you compare it with other materials, wire mesh is easy to install and lighter in weight. It also requires minimal maintenance. We can help you with getting the wire mesh you need for the construction of concrete barriers. If you have more specific questions for your application,