Wire Mesh for Concrete Bridges

Using Wire Mesh in Concrete Bridges - Girders, Deck Panels and Barriers

Concrete bridges play an essential role behind transportation infrastructure. They provide vital connections for goods, commuters, and services across different cities and countries. Since concrete bridges carry heavy loads, they need to be constructed to offer utmost durability and strength. That’s where wire mesh can support. 

Wire mesh is a type of reinforcement material that consists of a network of wires arranged in a grid pattern. It is commonly used in concrete construction to improve the tensile strength and flexural capacity of concrete structures. In concrete bridges, wire mesh is installed in the form of sheets which are placed between the layers of concrete to create a composite structure that can withstand various types of stress, such as bending, shear, and compression.

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Benefits of Using Wire Mesh for Concrete Bridges

There are numerous reasons that tempt concrete bridge construction firms to use wire mesh during their construction activities. Below mentioned are few such benefits that wire mesh can offer.

  • It can enhance strength and stability :
    Wire mesh has the potential to increase strength and stability of concrete structures. That’s because it has the potential to distribute a load more evenly. This will reduce the possibility of encountering deformations, cracks, and other forms of damage along with time. In other words, wire mesh can ensure structural integrity of the bridge.
  • It enhances durability:
    Concrete bridges should last for many decades. With the help of wire mesh, it is possible to enhance the overall durability of a concrete bridge. It can protect the concrete bridge from erosion, corrosion, and other forms of environmental degradation. Even if the concrete bridge is located in an area where there is high pollution, salinity, and humidity, wire mesh can enhance overall durability.
  • It enhances safety: 
    By using wire mesh, it is possible to overcome most safety concerns associated with a concrete bridge. It can enhance the resistance of the overall structure to different types of stress. As a result, you can prevent the concrete bridge from ending up with catastrophic failure as well. 
  • Wire mesh can also prevent the formation of cracks and potholes on concrete bridge. Moreover, it can also prevent other types of surface damage, which can be a risk to pedestrians and motorists.

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